A newly-developed school in studying and in teaching combat techniques with not only bladed and/or percussion weapons, but also with bare hands, in non-regulatory fields.

Why should you choose Advanced Eskrima System?

Innovative, not in the creation of new techniques or figures (in three thousend years of history of martial arts, everything has been already codified and man still has two legs and two arms), but in the realization of a new educational system, both in learning and in choosing the most appropriate and effective techniques in order to successfully achieve the final objective of our system;

• For the traditional martial approach in teaching and the following learning of selected techniques through the repetition of fundamental techniques, using several different variations;

martial, because we would like to preserve the philosophical, mental and spiritual principles, which have distinguished fighting arts for centuries;

simplicity, effectiveness and veracity are fundamental pillars in the choice and in the application of useful techniques in order to reach the main aim of A.E.S., that is to avoid an aggression and defense yourself properly;

• the ultimate objective of our new system is to create suitable skills that will enable the trainee to achieve an effective defense, both with bare hands and with bladed or/and percussion weapons. By doing so, the trainee will have good chances to defend himself and fight back in many different circumstances. Analysis and study of psychological and tactical aspects are integral part of A.E.S.

What we want to do?

To form instructors at a national level (to disclose our stystem too) with at least three years in the martial arts sector and/or self defense.

What are we looking for?

• People who would like to learn not only self defense with empty hands, but also with different types of weapons;

Serious, determinated and humble people with a true passion for martial arts and combat in its pure form.

In this first form, it will be made an analysis of each basic element of fighting, trained and taught in different combinations. The trainee will always be stimulated in order not to create stationary sistems, but to logically and independently adapt our teachings in various situations.