It would be great to live in a society where you dont’t need to teach women or anybody else how to defend themselves from any kind of assault and live in a place where everybody respects the others.

But we know this is not the case. We live in a world full of violance and everyday news keeps portraying it is getting worse and worse. Violence can really come out of nothing, like an argument for a parking or a glance and it gets always more extreme and riskier for our personal safety. 

That’s why, nowdays, learning self defense tecniques is more important than ever. You always have two choices: to be a victim and hope someone comes for justice or to decide to react and stop being a victim.

I hope nobody will ever find themselves in this kind of situation, but attending a serious and professional martial art school for self defense really helps keeping our body reactive, our mind fresh and a good self consciousness of what you can and cannot risk in the moment of need. Our aim is not to promote the phisical reaction to peril in each case, but having some skills can really make a difference in perilous situations.

A Japanese saying goes like that : “it’s better to be a warrior in a garden Than a gardener in a battlefield“. 

Giuseppe Calogero


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