The A.E.S offers a series of courses based on the experience and on the objective of the person who would like to attend our classes:

  • Private lesson: suitable for who would like to deepen his/her martial knowledge in a more accurate and direct way, proportional to the personal level of preparation and specific to personal and technical requests. The classes are adapted to the schedules of the applicant.
  • Intensive course: this category of course is often suggested to those who would like, and is able, to train his/herself for at least 4 consecutive hours, at a lower economic cost. It differs from the private lesson, as the participants will be more than one, but with a limit of 6 people for lesson.
  • Instructor course: this course is exclusive, as it is solely addressed to those who have at least 3 years of experience in any kind of martial art, be it contact sport or self defense. It is divided into 4 modules, which, in turn, are divided in steps, where the trainer will deal a specific subject for at least 5 hours. This course will provide a professional training for instructors, at a national level.

The instructor course, aimed at reaching the ultimate qualification, is divided into 4 modules, which, in turn, are divided in steps. Down here is listed the subdivision in steps of the first module, necessary to achieve the trainer certification:

1st trainer module:

  • stick
  • empty hands
  • revision
  • exam

During the first module, the trainer will make an analysis of each fundamental fighting element, all trained in different combinations. The trainee will always be stimulated, in order not to create stationary sistems, but to logically adapt this element to various situations.

  • It will be possible to even organize seminars, where the school will be presented, explaining its aims and technical approach to the teaching. The seminar must have at least 10 participants, with a duration of 3 hours and it can be done anywhere within the territory.